​Transform24 is a boutique transformative development company.


We believe that authenticity and being dynamic are the commodities for a company to be successful in this era of adaptation and fast achievement. 


Empowering executives, management and teams transforming themselves into champions to win during challenging and volatile times, is our passion.

Transform24 delivers proven success (100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SCORE) to renowned companies


We deliver our services in-company or from our beautiful location in Amsterdam.

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My name is Michel la Pierre, founder of Transform24, and I have been a part of the digital revolution for the last 25 years.

Initially, I was brought up in traditional management (Angelo-Saxon hierarchy) practices, but in 2002, things started to shift, both within myself and within the industry.

Over the years, the industry evolved into an environment where dynamic, creative, autonomous entrepreneurs, leaders and teams worked together on creating an impact by deploying the newest digital business models, products and services for their clients.

I have (had) the privilege to, both directly and indirectly, work for numerous major (global) clients in several roles, such as change consultant, board member, commercial executive, entrepreneur and business coach.

Today, I still encounter organizations, leaders and teams struggling to be(come) flexible and dynamic, which are essential qualities to:

  • meet clients demands;

  • find, develop and keep next-gen employees on-board;

  • deal with new competitors;

  • work during challenging times, such as with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s my passion and – I truly believe – my purpose to help companies, leaders and their teams transform and become more authentic, dynamic and flexible so that they can benefit from volatile and disruptive times.



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