Cultural Team Transformation

Cultural Team Transformation teaches teams to think and act based on the delicate balance between individual ownership and dynamic team efficiency, during volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times.



If done right, a sustainable dynamic culture is supported by core values, behaviors and practices, and enables all levels of an organization to better adapt to volatility, strategic and other changes. It harbors a desire to collaborate based on continuous improvement and making the right choices.

After completing this trajectory, your team(s), and the individuals within these teams, will be autonomous, focused on outcomes rather than output and will know how to work efficiently. It’s all about communication and making adjustments (usually daily), teamwork and problem-solving, and – most importantly – striving to improve the team's effectiveness with each iteration.



Culture takes time to build. It’s not tangible. It needs trust, autonomy, responsibility and ownership to thrive.

During this six-month (up to a year) qualitative cultural transformation process, we will structurally guide, carve and mold your colleagues into a team of likeminded people that work together efficiently and knows how to make the right choices.

To secure improvement, the process contains a tailored combination of research, training, intervision & coaching.


We focus on these areas:

  • Defining values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors

  • Making a close-knit team

  • Individual ownership

  • Taking responsibility

  • Working autonomously

  • Communicating transparently

  • Outcomes, efficiency and value 



Culture is created by people. People need stability, happiness, autonomy and a healthy environment to be productive.


With these brainstorms, we investigate whether there is a basis for a cultural transformation within your team(s).

The brainstorm answers the following questions:

  • Is our workforce diverse enough to become more dynamic as an organization?

  • Are all your co-workers prepared to change and ready to contribute to the transformation?

  • Is your new vision/culture already ingrained into your co-workers’ daily work? Do they feel and think the same way management does?

  • Whether the people want a real change or just a quick fix (like installing a pool table or adding some CSR initiatives)?